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Defending Civil Actions

The firm has represented insurance companies and their insureds since 2004.

We have an excellent reputation and track record in the courtroom. Moreover, our attention to detail and ability to quickly provide an efficient analysis of a case is an asset to any company who strives to reduce costs. We make every effort possible to settle claims when warranted, in a cost effective and efficient manner. However, with the direction of the client, we are always eager and fully equipped to defend a matter through jury trial and beyond when necessary.

Dill Law Group PA has represented companies based within Florida and throughout the country over the years, and continues to do so. In addition to handling pre-suit matters and cases in litigation, consulting services are available upon request. These services include reviewing new cases, determining the economics of every case, and a thorough evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses in defending each matter, including issues such as liability, causation, damages, and overall exposure.

If a lawsuit is filed on a claim against your company or your insured in a jurisdiction outside of Florida and you don't already have local counsel in that venue, we have an effective system to ensure that you're placed in contact with defense counsel best suited for your needs in that jurisdiction. If a lawsuit is filed in Florida, Dill Law Group PA handles cases throughout the state.

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